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We facilitate Information for Entrepreneurs about consultation and training services to small business owners like you. I retired June 2018 after 18 years from the Community College in Charleston as a Instructor for business and transportation.  I’m also a Retired Army Reserve Transportation Corp Officer. I taught at the US Army Transportation School at Ft.

Eustis, Va. and at the Reserve Center in Charleston, SC. My student included both Transportation Reserve Officers Advance Course and Enlisted Soldiers M.O.S. Course .We track classes and events to educate business owners on how to make their venture successful. Learn what you need, to start and run a money-making enterprise.


Our Photo session

Includes both studio and location shots for a wider array of services to choose from.
They include: Headshots, Portraits, Events as well as Fashion Shoots. Call or email us today to setup a

A video studio

Where our videographer will give a professional touch to your presentation for potential clients and auditions. Our Video service include Live Streaming. Corporate Video Shoots and Fashion Shoots. Call or email us today to setup a consultation.

A Podcast studio

For business owners, activists, political figures, bloggers, and more. including microphones for up to 3 people, headphones, Desktop connection, and a screen to display your recording. The session only includes audio recording, editing is not included. Call or email us today to setup a consultation.

What’s more, is that we offer online media services as well! Which includes an online TV channel where we host live shows, an online Live streaming to social media, Corporate Video Shoots, Training and Fashion events. Call or email us today to setup a consultation.









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